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Boys will be boys. Girls better not be.

I notice that according to society (girls are ACTING UP and it's all bad and wrong.

Queen Bees and Wannabees about Mean Girls in School. There's also been a movie about this. In school, as an overweight, bookish nerd who cried easily, I was a bullying victim although on a fairly minor scale. Nobody actually hurt me. Yes, girls were involved, but mostly my attackers were boys. A group of about 7 much older boys (seniors to my 9th grade), cornered me in the gym one day. Nothing happened beyond my being frightened and too shamed to tell anyone, but it easily could have. Looking back, I was very lucky.

All people can be assholes, but when boys do it, this assholdom is seen as boyish high spirits and 'he likes you'. No one, beyond maybe the Lifetime channel, wants to do a movie about boys harassing girls, possibly because it's extremely common.

Girls generally put down other girls through the desire to gain power. Nancy Pelosi aside, the main route to power for girls is sexual power, making other girls the enemy. It's too bad that they fall for the line, but girls having only sexual power is enforced and for that matter, endorsed by society. Popularity is another word for this sexual prowess. Check out Rolling Stone article about the 'women of Duke University' and how they cater to males who treat them terribly. Note that the article doesn't address the actual treatment, but only how women allow it to be done to them. The idea that men shouldn't treat women like shit when they have the opportunity is foreign.

BTW, there was a Rally for the 'embattled Duke Lacrosse Players' today. We love our proven racist, misogynist, underage drinking atheletes! Yes we do! Woot!

Anyway, we now have an article on the Girls gone wild effect, all about how Paris, Britney, and Lindsey are corrupting our daughters. Never mind that none of us would have seen Spears' crotch if some paparazzi hadn't been taking pictures up her skirt, and I doubt all those google hunts for the pics were being done by the Tween girl set. No, Spears is out there because men want her to be, from the time she was a teenager being lusted after by Bob Dole on a commercial for God's sake.

Mel Gibson's racist tirade certainly didn't hurt his movie take on Apocalypto, so no one seems to have been that upset about it. Hugh Grant used a hooker. Eddie Murphy picked up a hooker. Robert Downey Jr. was arrested on drugs charges. Wesley Snipes has been arrested on weapons violations, and that's not even getting into all the atheletes and musicians with rape, assault, and pedophilia charges, AND THAT'S ALL OK with everyone, because hey, boys will be boys and a woman going commando is much worse than all that.

No one seems to worry that any of these men are corrupting our sons. Is that because this behavior is on some level expected? And they say it's feminists who are manhaters.
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