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The Messengers: Given the current technology, there's really no excuse for that bad a level of CGI. What was their budget, what they found under the couch cushions? Also, if you're going to have a sullen teen, the best move is to make her be sullen as opposed to pretty nice. It makes the parents look like twits. Of course, the parents both joining together to pull her out of the, ah, mobile basement swamp, was head-poundingly symbolic.

Premonition: The way *I* would have solved the problem would have been to point threateningly at Jim and intone, "If you keep lusting in your heart after that hoochie-mama, you're going to have your head cut off by an 18-wheeler." You have to admit, that would have changed the dynamic. I would have put the window stickers up on Sunday too. Screw the hubby (which she did), I would have made sure the kid didn't slice up her face. Still, it's all fine because she knew Jim really did love her and managed to implant his seed, which you KNOW is going to be a boy-child.

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