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Rape in the good ol' days

From Feministing:

Tennessee state Sen. Doug Henry:

“Rape, ladies and gentlemen, is not today what rape was. Rape, when I was learning these things, was the violation of a chaste woman, against her will, by some party not her spouse. Today it’s simply, ‘Let’s don’t go forward with this act.’ ”

Let's see what we learn from this:

A sexually active woman cannot be raped, including stranger rape. Again, this is the least common form of rape. A woman is much more likely to be raped by someone she knows, including family members.

If a woman's husband forces her to have sex, it's not rape.

If your partner (even if you aren't married to them) continues to force sex on you after you've told him to stop, it isn't rape.

First Bill Napoli and his fantasies discussions about sodomizing Christian virgins, and now Doug Henry the violation of chaste women. Tells you what they think about, doesn't it.
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