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Born-again Virgins

There's so many ways to title this:

For the one I love, the gift of dihonesty

It's not real and pure if the first time doesn't hurt

Why let a pesky thing like reality get in the way?

Religion screwed me, but I won't let anyone else! Again.

Born-Again Virgins

She wished she could step back in time and recapture her lost virginity. Thinking of how “I could have ruined one of greatest fulfillments of my life,” the first time having sex with a husband, she wanted to “have that opportunity again. I know my [future] husband deserves a whole person.”

She felt guilty through 7 years of sex and 2 children? That's a lot of guilt. And a WHOLE person? There are lots of other things that can take a hymen other than sex.

So Watts engaged in a lot of prayer and thought, and now declares herself a virgin once again.

And everyone else is supposed to consider those 2 children immaculately conceived? Is she supposed to be fooling God? If someone is really convinced that pre-marital sex is a bad thing or regrets earlier actions, then by all means, declare yourself chaste from that point forward, but ignoring what happened earlier in your life doesn't make it go away.

Other women are opting for a more radical route to reclaim their virginity: surgical replacement of the hymen, the small membrane that stretches from the walls of the vagina and that typically breaks when a woman first has intercourse — or for many other reasons, from tampon use to vigorous exercise.

That is just mind-boggling to me. Are they planning to not do anything that might endanger that precious piece of skin? No exercise or tampon use? If painful first-time sex is that important, maybe he could lean on your hair or something.

"Have you already unwrapped the priceless gift of virginity and given it away?" asks the Web site for the Pregnancy Resource Center of Northeast Ohio, where Watts began working part-time after she reclaimed her virginity. "Do you now feel like 'second-hand goods' and no longer worthy to be cherished? Do you ever wish you could re-wrap it and give it only to your future husband or wife?

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Second-hand goods? Unworthy to be cherished? Is your partner only supposed to love your intact genitalia? And, once again, if you're claiming you're a virgin when you aren't, then you are LYING to your partner. I'd rather have a 'shopworn' partner than one who was dishonest.

In response, some Christians adopted a form of “chaste marriage,” often after having had sex and producing children, by agreeing between themselves to forsake any future sexual union, thus becoming spiritual virgins.

At least they're being honest about what happened in the past.

Virginity is not special if you can be a virgin again.”

Virginity is not special in general unless you're being used as a demon sacrifice....which is a pretty good reason for getting laid early and often.

They come to his clinic in Laguna Beach, Calif., and pay $5,000 because their honor, and sometimes their lives, depend on it.

I think this problem needs to be addressed a little more strongly than someone feeling unworthy to be cherished. It's that attitude taken to extreme that causes sexually active women to be endangered.

Once in awhile, Baker says, she’ll get a patient who just wants to give a present to her husband. “One patient of mine gave it to her husband as an anniversary gift," says Baker. "She was not a virgin when they got married so we re-attached her hymen to reproduce that experience.”

Here, honey! Here's the chance to make your mark on me like a REAL man! Now, club me over the head, and lets get started.

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