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Plant Zombie

Want. More. Plants. Even. If. Have. No. Room.


I finally planted my annual seed, which I meant to do before the trip, but oh, well. We've only recently stopped having frosty nights, so I'm probably better for waiting. This also makes a good contrast to tomorrow's inbox, which will be massive and unholy.

It rained a lot (finally!) yesterday, which made today a good planting day. I weeded the raised beds, and planted cosmos, zinnia, echinacea, marigold, and portulaca. Toward the end, I was sort of jamming in the seed because the bulbs took up a lot of room. I have leftover foliage from the early bulbs, even though they aren't blooming, and the lilies are HUGE, although not blooming yet. Essentially, I have a lot of green at the moment. I'm hoping once the annuals bloom, everything will look random and meadow-esque. That or nothing will come up. Time will tell.

And, naturally I want MORE MORE MORE (it's like beads, only with blooming). I'm not allowing myself to buy anything until after I finish clearing the front area putting in the rocks around the other raised beds. Then, I'll start reclaiming some of the shady areas. THAT'S when there can be new plants. It's only partial shade, so I'm thinking hydrangeas will do well around this large tree that sits off to one corner, sort of by itself except for some clearable underbrush that can be cleared. Possibly azalea as well, for next spring. My neighbor on that side has a lovely split-rail fence that would make an excellent backdrop for all shades of azalea like the ones I had in my yard as a kid.

I'm also considering putting a trellis at the back of my big raised bed. It wouldn't need to be much, just a metal hoop, and then I can think morning glory or climbing rose or whatever.

I'm almost tempted to rip all the bulbs out of one of the beds because I do love a lot of the annuals. That, or I'll put in another bed...hmmm, up by the road? That could be very pretty. There's a lot of sun there. Of course, I wouldn't see it much except when coming in, but it would be a nice greeting after a long day. Watering would be a pain. Ponder, ponder.

Then, some friends have a vegetable garden and I'm quite envious. Fresh lettuce and tomatoes and spinach? Sign me up. I hear tomatoes are pretty easy to grow. I'll have to put up barriers so I'm not setting out a salad bar for the deer and rabbits, but it's probably doable.

The next time I contemplate a project

Somebody do me a favor and smack me, ok?

Gardening update:

The beds are in, and the stone surround is started. I've also ordered and received a LOT of bulbs, tulips, daffs, crocus, anemonies, etc. I ended up ordering most of them through QVC because the prices were really sweet...100 crocus for 14.00? Hell, yeah!

So now, of course, I have to DO something with them. I've cleared the weeds from about half of the large bed, and my goal is to have all three beds cleared and dirt in by end of day Sunday. This isn't carved in rock or anything :)

Then next week to get the little devils buried, and we'll see what happens come spring.

We overordered the stone for the walls and have an entire palette of unallocated blocks. The current plan is to lay them out in a line on the other side of the grass strip in front of the house, neatly marking off the natural area which runs from the grass to the road. Directly behind, I'm planning on some shade shrubs, such as hydrangea and rhoddodendron, and plants like Lily of the Valley. But that's for next year.

Garden Plotting

I'm so funny, I kill me sometimes, and I'm sure other people would like to.

As my incredibly witty title states, I'm working on figuring out just WHAT I'm going to put in these raised beds. If they had flowers, I'd be tempted to stick with the excellent crop of weeds currently growing therein, but no.

After net surfing and convincing myself that I really can't drop 500 dollars on bulbs in the next couple of months, and that I wouldn't plant all of them anyway, I'm narrowing it down to a starter set. Keep in mind that I have three sizable beds to plant, one of them being around 6 x 12.

A SuperSak of Yellow Daffodils
I know there are all kinds of fancy daffodils, but I like the old-fashioned yellow ones.

Giant Hyacinth Collection

I thought about a supersak of crocus because you get 75 for 20 bucks, but that's a whole bunch of crocus, and I want something to bloom other than Spring. Of course, I could give some to Mom. But then I'd have to plant them. I'll have to think about it.

From QVC (can't do links) a set of 50 tulips, 3 Lenten roses because I love the name and think they look cool and some daylilies to have a summer bloom.

So, that's the current plan with the crocus issue still unresolved. I'll fill in with annuals and add other perennials later.


The raised beds are done! Woot!

There's still a lot more to do. I have to clear out the surrounding area and put down groundcloth and gravel, but step 1 is complete.

We won't order dirt until September because you aren't supposed to put bulbs out until October or so in this area.

We have a palette of stone left over (oops), so I'm planning to put a shade bed around a couple of trees.