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Good article on violence against women in this season's shows

This touches on some things that bothered me as well. Supernatural, which I had issues with, is mentioned.


Some highlights:

"Women play an enormous role in the new television season.

...paralyzed by venomous bites of exotic spiders that crawl under their front doors, after which they can put up no struggle as they're raped and murdered.

...locked in the house for a couple of years by a husband who chains them in the basement in a dog collar.

A question asked by a critic:

"One of the things we've noticed this season in all the pilots we've seen is the level of violence, particularly against women, has been ratcheted up to some really gruesome levels. . . Has that become necessary now, with so many shows on the air, that to become noticed, you've got to think up a crime that's so heinous that it's almost beyond imagination?"

The article points out that, basically, this all comes from CSI, which more or less pioneered killing women in interestingly kinky ways

"But, as Jicha noted, "When they're looking to sell the show, they always put the women in chains."

Discussing a woman who is paralyzed by a spider bite, so she can be raped and killed:

"But the intent there is actually to create creative, fun crimes as opposed to attempting for -- ""

Turns out he's talking about the spider bite as opposed to the...aftermath...his word